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    Sharisa Brent
    June 07, 2021

    I decided to enroll my daughter in this program during the pandemic while I kept her home from day care. My experience started great until I was charged one month and did not receive my packets. I reached out to the center, could not get a response. I tried on 3 different days to get in contact with someone. Finally I called corporate who put me through to the instructor at this location. I explained the situation and didn’t get an apology. She agreed to send me the packets the following month without charging me. I ran into a similar situation a couple months later. Also there should be enough packets to cover each day of the month. I noticed I was missing packets a few times. I didn’t hear from anyone from this location for about 3 months. No information on when they would reopen, no packets being mailed and I wasn’t being charged. I thought it was odd but decided I wouldn’t press the issue given the unpleasant experiences from before. Now 3 months with no correspondence they charge me for the month of June. I haven’t received any packets, nobody has reached out to give me information about in person learning for my daughter. I called the center and said I was calling to see why I was charged for the month. The instructors response, “Is *insert my daughter’s name* going to do Kumon or not?”. The instructor is so unprofessional. This is not the first unprofessional interaction I’ve had with her. I have a friend who had a similar complaint about the instructor. I think Kumon is a great program. I would just strongly urge picking a different location. I’ve heard great things about other instructors at other locations.

    linda phillips
    March 08, 2018

    Please be warned about this kumon location in Woodmore. The owner refused to hire qualified and capable hands to help students, so students of mid to higher grades often have to wait for her to attend to them. She also ensure that students are not taught what they need to know to succeed in their academic endeavors. She will not teach but often tells the child to figure it out themselves. You and I know that it is imperative that a child who is seeing a new math for an example, definitely need to to be shown how to do it, so they will know the right concept at first rather than trying to figure it out and the wrong concept sticks in their memory. The owner is short tempered, argumentative, puts up a fake smile and favors students from Ghana which is her country of origin. She is about the only kumon that opens 6days a week so she can enroll as many students as possible but will not give them quality assistance. She is often busy enrolling new students/ talking to their parents and have very little time to attend to students who are already enrolled. If you ever bring any concerns to her, then you will be her worst enemy. Visit other kumon centers, like the one in Bowie and you will see a major difference. Numerous hands on deck assisting students of all levels but in kumon of woodmore, the owner who is always there 6 days a week designated herself as the only one that can assist 3rd grade and higher. Check how long your child has been at this center and compare to children in other kumon centers with same length of time and you will realize that they are much higher in their kumon levels but at woodmore, the owner is a control freak and have better interest in your money than your child's progress. Be warned!!!!!!!!!

    Rodolfo Mason
    May 08, 2018

    Excellent investment, but the key is starting your child as early as possible. The work becomes second nature rather than "extra" work when your child starts as an adolescent.

    Tiffani Henderson
    July 19, 2019

    Children have been going to this location for years. Are top performers at their school.

    Eva Eyebrow Threading
    November 09, 2019

    I really love . My kids go to Kumon. My kids they are doing good .now they don’t need help for doing homework.

    Kumon Math and Reading Center of Lanham – Woodmore

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